MAGIC has a mandate to conduct research in collaboration with industry. While special support is available for BC companies, much of MAGIC's work is done in collaboration with larger Canadian and International organizations. This enables us to help to build relationships between those organizations and local companies while we maintain our research skills at the highest level. In addition to accepting contracts from industry partners, MAGIC has innovative programs that help to increase the level of interaction of industry and academic partners for the design of innovative products.

MAGIC's encourages companies and individuals to increase their influence on MAGIC's programs and methods through sponsorship of a MAGIC Industrial Chair or by contributing to the MAGIC Endowment. Opportunities for securing a seat on the MAGIC Advisory Board are associated with this type of sponsorship. Please contact Sid Fels for more information.

MAGIC Industry projects
MAGIC's multiple roles as knowledge broker, referral service, and co-developer of technology enables MAGIC projects to take place at the industrial partner's facilities, in a department at UBC or in MAGIC's own in-house laboratory as the research warrants. Recent MAGIC-housed projects include:

  • Investigation of cell phones and sustainability monitoring. Nokia University Relations program.
  • Investigation of sharing and collaboration using large screen TVs within the home. Panasonic research lab, San Jose, CA.
  • Collaboration on the Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Battelle)
  • Closing the Loop in Immersive CAD: General Motors of Canada and BC
  • Advanced Systems Institute research contract
  • Flow Keeper Research contract: Nissan Motor Company contract
  • Smart Seat Research contract : Nissan Motor Company contract
  • BEST- Banc d’Essai de Services de liaisons optiques pour un environnement de Téléformation doctorale (coinvestigator) CANARIE contract
  • CAVE, wall, and desktop displays for navigation and wayfinding in complex 3D models: Boeing Phantomworks-sponsored project
  • Collaborative Visualization for Time and Safety-critical Situations: NSERC, Boeing, ECRI, HRL, and Nissan sponsored project
  • Yuan Ming Yuan digital model: Xing-Xing Digital Inc.

A range of MAGIC-partnered projects can be found in our affiliate laboratories in the UBC Institute for Computing, Information & Cognitive Systems (ICICS), Human Communications Technology (HCT), and Computer Science HCI@UBC.