UBC Affiliates

MAGIC affiliation is open to any researcher interested in collaborative research and development under the aegis of MAGIC. Applications for membership from researchers at UBC and other academic/industrial organizations should be submitted to the Director.

All MAGIC affiliates are invited to participate in the full range of academic/research activities of MAGIC, such as graduate student advising, seminars, research, technology transfer and maintaining a personal research profile on the MAGIC web site. Access to MAGIC resources is given to all affiliates at the discretion of the Director.

The benefits for MAGIC Affiliates are: be kept informed of MAGIC events, research activities and funding opportunities, have access to MAGIC facilities, be eligible for MAGIC funding opportunities for graduate students they advise and affliliates may sponsor Graduate Students in the MAGIC HCI Specialization

To sign up as MAGIC affiliate please email  info@magic.ubc.ca.

Izak Benbasat (Comm)
Kellogg Booth (CS)
Mark Carpentar (Human Kinetics)
Jodey Castricano (Critical Studies)
Romeo Chua (Hum Kin)
Max Cynader (Med)
Vince DiLlolo (psych)
Alex Dulic
Luciana Duranti (Lib)
Jim Enns (Psych)
Robert Gardiner (Theatre)
Peter Gouzouasis (EDCP)
Alan Hannam (Dentistry)
Wolfgang Heidrich (CS)
Kendall Ho (Medicine)
Holger Hoos (CS)
Don Krug (MSTE)
Samia Khan (MSTE)
Darrin Lehman (Psych)
Karon Maclean (CS)
Giorgio Magnanessi (Music)
Joanna McGrennere (CS)
Mike Meitner (Forestry)
Dan Muzyka (Comm)
Stephen Petrina (MSTE)
Ron Rensink (psych & CS)
Stephen Sheppard (Forestry)
Cheryl Staub-French (Civ Eng.)
Michiel van de Panne (CS)
Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson (Ling)
Liane Gabora (Psychology)
Maureen Medved (Creative Writing)

SFU Affiliates
Tom Calvert (CS)
Dianne Cyr (Comm)
John Dill (CS)
Steve DiPaolo (IA)
Rob Woodbury (IA)

Roy Eagleson (EE, Western)
Zenon Pylyshyn (psych, Rutgers)